BD Art Editions - Dalí Black Label
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Dalí Black Label

Black is the absence of colour, associated with power, mystery, strength, authority, elegance, formality, death, mourning, rebellion, and sophistication. The perfect colour then, to commemorate the death of Salvador Dalí. In 2009 on the 20th anniversary of his death BD paid a unique homage by producing a special limited edition of 105 pieces of his furniture collection, the number, reflective of how old he would have been that year. Every component refinished in subtle black tones, with aged black patina on the cast brass, black Marquina marble for the famous egg, darkened gold leaf and dyed lime wood satin in black for the upholstery and lingerie chiffon, for the lamp shades, a spectral re-imagining of the original vibrant colours, one that allows them to fit more seamlessly into multiple environments. This exquisite collection is guaranteed by The Gala Salvador Dali Foundation responsible for the painter’s rights.


We leave the last words on Black Label to Oscar Tusquets who through his close friendship with Dalí was the driving force in bringing his furniture from canvas and sketchbook to reality:


“When we chose projects for furniture from the sketchbooks Dalí had filled with ideas for his work with Jean-Michel Frank, we had to imagine the colours which Salvador would have chosen to make his pencil drawings, and we did so remembering the preferences and obsessions of the maestro (gold, Schiaparelli’s hot pink…). The furniture was very much in Dali’s style, but posed a challenge to integrate into non-surrealistic interiors. When we made a Leda chair with aged black patina for a special set-up, the enthusiastic reaction of all the creative professionals, convinced us that these crazy objects would look much less controversial and adapt to any decorative scheme if they were dyed black. From my extensive work with the Maestro I feel that this collection would meet his approval and I am certain that Gala would prefer it to the coloured versions.”


Oscar Tusquets


© Salvador Dalí, Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí, Barcelona, 2017