BD Art Editions - Free Port Series
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Free Port Series

Atypical, and asymmetrical, free standing and free thinking, everything about FREE PORT liberates the mind to contemplate the very concept of cabinets in new and surprising ways. The original piece was created by ‘anti designer’ Martí Guixé, uninhibited by tradition but respectful of form and crucially of function, FREE PORT offers multiple means of arranging and re-arranging, storage or display, each new configuration rendering new negative space. It performs a bold, balancing act that can alter the silhouette of the construction. Cubes of mixed materials and finishes create an ambiguity that leave the possibilities for customization and interpretation wide open. The first artistic interpretation in the series by Pepa Reverter arose from a joint project by Valresa using their Virtual melt technology to render Pepa’s organic artwork on the surfaces, creating a new ‘skin’, the tone resulting from the density of the graphite strokes on the medium’s surface. Her intuitive and free ranging interpretation illustrating how FREE PORT lets the imagination roam free. It is sculpture for a domestic setting, allowing every owner to be inspired by the creative process and leaving the door always open to new interpretations.