BD Art Editions - Remix
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The thought that ‘some of the most delicious meals in the world are actually made from leftovers’, was the impetus behind REmix, a recycling or rather upcycling and reinterpretation of components that remained in storage from previous projects. Barcelona is home to some of the world’s most inventive cuisine, so it’s perhaps, no surprise that our culinary heritage inspires us. In the same way that when you hear, a familiar tune remixed to a different beat, it makes you pause and reconsider your response to the music, similarly with REmix, we learn to look at familiar things in a new way, challenging our perceptions of what is an art object, what does it mean to take a practical object and subvert its practical use for beauty. How do we learn to see things differently? In an age where all of us must think of how to make better use of our resources, REmix elevates the process to create unique pieces that value what already exists but brings new life to them. A doorknob becomes a candle holder, a cabinet takes on an intriguingly tactile new aspect, the possibilities as endless as the imagination of each artist, who takes up the challenge. The REmix series will continue to roll out volume, by volume, each time in limited editions depending on how long stocks last. REmix goes beyond the creation of visually exciting new work, it sets an example, we hope others will follow offering a solution to the problem of surplus parts. The small components that every design company accumulates in warehouses and are ultimately destined for destruction can instead be re-imagined and re-used. REmix is a movement as well as a collection.