REmix vol. 3 – Piscis Collection

Design by Jorge Penadés, 2019


Anodized and painted aluminum body. Anodized aluminum base. Parts fixed together by silicone. Interior pyrex container to put the flowers with water. Limited edition of 70 units (model 1 to 4) and 60 units (models 5 and 6).

1. Pez Ángel: 11x11x30cm
2. Pez Mandarín: 11x12x35cm
3. Pez Zanclus: 16x13x40cm
4. Pez Ballesta Payaso: 18x15x45cm
5. Pez Pagrus Auriga: 18x16x50cm
6. Pez Vaca: 19x16x55cm

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